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We’re a digital publication that’s all about — you guessed it — hitting pause to stop and reflect on TV & film. Every week we unpack and contextualise the latest Netflix titles through how they reflect and progress pop culture conversations, what rabbit holes of thought they inspire, and sometimes, how they’re just *chef’s kiss* viewing.

We aim to be a respite from your newsfeed (and doomscrolls), so to that end, we’ll send you two slower, long-form newsletters a week, as well as one that compiles the best of the Internet that week, all of which you’ll get directly in your inbox. You can also see the full archive of everything we’ve published on this site right here.

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Every Tuesday, you’ll get Scene & Heard, where a guest writer reflects on just one scene from a recent Netflix show or film. Expect unexpected questions, personal anecdotes, and deep spirals into niche areas.

Then, on Thursday, you’ll get Close All Tabs, a roundup of the best memes, reactions, articles, and ephemera about your favourite releases. We’re hooked up to the Internet 24/7 so you don’t have to be. (Please save us, we are too online).

Finally, each Friday, you’ll get Now Streaming. Think of it as a letter from your best friend who is also the Culture Editor at Netflix ANZ, who’ll give you a new Netflix release each week, related recommendations, and just general brain worms.

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