Sitemap - 2021 - Netflix Pause

Queer Eye S6 is all about new beginnings

Don’t Look Up knows how to make an impact

Back to the Outback imparts a childlike wisdom

Fate is just astrology in The Witcher

The Power of the Dog is a deconstruction of masculinity

Back to the Outback reminds us of the innocence of children

Selling Sunset tells us we don’t need no man

Toxic masculinity is mightier than The Power of the Dog

Cowboy Bebop brings gaming's appeal to the big screen

Selling Sunset is unexpectedly relatable

Red Notice knows its way around a good stunt

Cowboys aren’t the only attraction in Cowboy Bebop

Big Mouth nails the all-consuming celebrity obsession

Red Notice is as bonkers as it is big

Army Of Thieves knows the power of a good song

Big Mouth S5 reminds us that shame is universal

Sex, Love and goop is making full names sexy again

Army of Thieves trades zombies for feelings

You asks us who the real monsters are

We could all learn something from Sex, love and goop

Maid’s car crash is all too relatable for young mums

You S3 asks: who’s worse, influencers or murderers?

Kids’ games played with death long before Squid Game

There’s Someone Inside Your House is a slasher with receipts

Unpacking the magnetism of Mike Flanagan’s hot priest

Why we can’t stop thinking about Squid Game

Sex Education knows we all love giving but not taking advice

Midnight Mass features a poster of Se7en that I owned as a teen

Kate’s obsession with Japanese soda is all-too-real

There are no uniform answers in Sex Education

Money Heist and the power of an iconic mask

Kate is a Taurus, no further questions

Unpacking He’s All That’s teenage influencer dream

Money Heist is about passion, actually

Sweet Girl lets Jason Momoa be tender, for once

He’s All That is more than a Gen Z makeover

The Kissing Booth 3 finally puts itself first

Sweet Girl is a new kind of David and Goliath tale

Cooking with Paris is the most relatable cooking show

The Kissing Booth 3 is an ode to the final summer

The real Outer Banks were the friends we made along the way

Cooking with Paris? That’s hot...literally

Shakespeare walked so Outer Banks could run

Sexy Beasts exposes dating for what it truly is: absurd

Outer Banks is the height of teen melodrama

We can't get enough of the mullet mouse in Sexy Beasts

Never Have I Ever gets the uneasy tensions of being the ‘token Asian’

Sexy Beasts is a messy queen who loves drama

We're all watching Never Have I Ever for "the" "plot"

I Think You Should Leave conquers our greatest fear: babies

Never Have I Ever felt so seen

I Think 'I Think You Should Leave' Should Stay

Fear Street proves that all teen slashers are queer

Atypical is the warmest, weirdest sit-com we have

We'll never look at bread the same way again after Fear Street

Too Hot To Handle revels in the awkwardness of sex

Being a teen is life or death in Fear Street

Everyone reckons they could do better on Too Hot To Handle

Kevin Hart is every stressed-out dad in Fatherhood

Too Hot To Handle’s Hot Girl Summer

Kevin Hart is making everyone cry in Fatherhood

Lupin and the fleeting allure of old flames

Kevin Hart remains king of the feel-good

Lupin is turning everyone into Emily in Paris

Sweet Tooth reminds us of the power of father figures

Lupin’s Omar Sy is in his leading man era

Give me the Sweet Tooth x Bo Burnham crossover now

Folding laundry is more than a chore — it's an act of queer joy

A pandemic fairytale for our times

Do you think a depressed person could make this?

Long live 'trash' cinema

Laundry is a scam

Cinema's resident himbo

Can good neighbours … become good friends?

Taste is for other people

We are all The Woman in the Window

Am I a terrible superhero father?

Looking camp right in the eye

Ethereal tinkling

What does it mean to find your people?

Daddy issues

Forcing your friends to watch a thriller from 2003 that nobody remembers

Wait…should we all start writing bad poetry?